The Snow Kitty


Hello everyone & happy Saturday! It’s Saturday Caturday 🐱🐱 January can be so challenging. I would go as far to say that it is my least favorite month of the year.

But one way to bring a little joy to the gloomy days is to love on your cat. Or look up funny videos of cats…pictures of other people’s cats. Just anything cat related.

We went out to play in the snow earlier this week and I got some cute pictures of the kids, the cat and the winter snowscape.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of our friendly snow kitty Shadow.



Can you read the sleep deprivation in my eyes? Shadow is looking great though. He has such gorgeous green eyes💚

I wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful response to my last post, When You Don’t Want to do Christmas Because You Are Broken. There were a lot of kind words and comments and I was happy to share, even though it was a difficult topic to write about.

It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog but I am committed to keep posting. However, due to certain circumstances this will become more of a challenge, especially this May…when I will be especially busy❤ Just a heads up for you guys.

Thanks for being fantastic readers ☺Stay warm and cozy out there!



Furry Visitor Update


The kitty has a name. She has been named Shadow. She is doing well and seems to look a bit happier since we’ve been loving on her and giving her food.

I found which neighbor she belongs to.* I think they feed her, they feed all the cats but there is a situation in which the neighbor has age-related memory issues. So in spite of good intentions maybe the cat(s) are not fed as regurally as they should be.

It makes me a bit upset, especially since I know there is at least one other adult that definitely does not have memory issues living there (I believe). It’s a bit of a strange situation. And they have quite a few animals that I worry over, especially during the winter-time. Urg. Been waiting a long time to say that!

Shadow sat on my lap last night out by the garden. She was quite insistent on sitting there so I let her. She is very sweet and appreciative of the care we’ve given her.

Next time I think I’ll write a bit about Stella. Don’t be jealous Stella. I love you.


*Update to the update: I’ve learned that I do in fact not know who the kitty belongs to. I haven’t seen her around before until these past few weeks. So it was premature of me to assume that Shadow was suffering from a lack of care. Talked with the neighbor I thought she belonged to. She owns a smaller cat with a  similar markings but not Shadow. So her origin is still a mystery. Sorry neighbor for wrongly assuming things! First impressions and all that. People are often much nicer than I imagine them to be. One day maybe that lesson will stick 🙂