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My musings on this hectic and yet beautifully wonderful journey that is motherhood.


Pregnancy, Parenting & God’s Grace


My first clue came on that super-hot second to last day of July 2015. A thought came into my head suddenly and just as strong. I must have peach ice cream. And I must have it now.

It was odd and unfamiliar. My son was then barely 2. I put the possibility….read more—>


Breastfeeding vs. Formula: The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between


I realize that this is a loaded topic. Not everyone will see eye to eye with me. And that is ok. But this is a post filled with care and consideration. It’s from the heart of a mama who understands both sides of the “coin”. For each of my babies…read more—>


Looking Back on a Year of Breastfeeding


This post is an excerpt from a journal entry I wrote earlier this April.

I can hardly believe I am saying this, but I began breastfeeding my daughter over a year ago. Nearly immediately after she was born, we began this journey together. Only last month I breastfed her for the very last time…read more—>


Traveling With Littles (Things I Learned+Tips, Tricks & Pics)


Last fall, we took an exciting family road trip to Cincinnati for our family vacation. It was our first-ever road trip as a family of 4. Our children were ages 3 and 6 months.

This (long) post is a culmination of what I learned from our 4 family vacations…read more—>


Perfect Preschool Mom {Myth}


Once upon a time, there was a myth that I believed. A truth that I thought existed. A lie that I took into the deep places of my heart.

I wrapped myself up in this idea that there is a perfect mom. That there is this super-human, super-woman, crazy-insanely put together person…read more—>


Havoc in My World, Peace in My Heart


If I was a superhero, I’m pretty sure my name would be Mother Mahem. Oh wait…yeah that’s my reality already.

I’ve been feeling the pull to write about this for a week or so. People seem to like the moments of vulnerability and honesty that comes with sharing the everyday moments…read more—>




Deep thoughts on various aspects of life. Often I include scriptures in these posts.


“Light Will Come Bursting In” (Plus Pictures of a Few Haitian Souvenirs)


I am long overdue for this promised post. On June 16th, I mentioned in my post Where Dirt Meets Light and Love that I was walking into a difficult week. That day seems like a lifetime ago. That Friday was the day my husband left to go on a…read more—>


Can a Christian Read Fifty Shades of Grey?


Oh boy. You’re writing about that?! You bet. I spent a lot of time figuring out my thoughts on this topic. And originally I had a lot to say, but I realized that the direction that I was taking wasn’t what God wanted me to write. So over a period of time…read more—>


A Rainy Day Poem of Yesteryear


We have had an insane amount of rain lately. At times one of my old poems comes to mind as it did today. So I wanted to share it. It is truly from yesteryear…written over a decade ago in my teen years…read more—>


Bravery in Motion: 10 Ways to Help Overcome a Panic Attack


Here is a subject that is not easy for me to talk about. And yet I feel a super-strong pull to write about it.

To be transparent.

I have been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for 2 years. It came back with…read more—>


Poet’s Heart.


I’ve been looking through old poems and came across the one I wanted to share today. Well. I didn’t want to share it initially. I felt the nudge, the push to share it but I fought it for awhile.

This poem means a lot to me. It was written in…read more—>


Little Is Much


Turkey day approaches. In some ways I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the rush of the holiday season.

Then at other times I just want to tuck into a good book and forget about things for an hour or so. One book out of 10 in my book stack…read more—>