Blogging Update: Goals In Action


Hello hello! Just wanted to drop in and write a quick post to update for you all, dear readers.

I’ve made a few updates here on the blog. Ever since I answered Sharon’s question about blogging goals (on my Liebster ward post) I’ve really been thinking about ways that I can improve the blog.

So today I bit the bullet and purchased my domain name. It’s official. My site is now thebuttercuplamb.com! Yay!

I also am changing the looks of the blog a bit. The header image is updated. Some of the titles of my posts have been changed for clarity. I’m adding bits here and there to improve readability and navigation.

I’m working on narrowing my focus as well. I want to narrow down my categories to food, books, motherhood & reflections, nature and caturday. That’s still 5 categories but whatever. I’m happy with it. I may add another category or two later this year about diys and sewing and maybe natural skin care as well. We shall see.

And as I mentioned in my last blogging update post, there is still so much to learn about blogging. But I’m getting there 🙂 And I’ve learned so much already.

A big thank-you to all of my readers for liking, following along, for your support & encouragement. It is very much appreciated. (And I’ve enjoyed following your stories & posts as well, thank-you for sharing them!)



Addressing the Name Change


Hello Readers!

I wanted to write a quick post to explain a little bit about the name change on the blog.

Formerly, this blog was known as “the honest herb”. Unfortunately there is already a blog and a website with that name. And a Twitter account. And a business. Something I didn’t know to investigate when I began blogging. I’m learning more and more about the blogging world..all of it’s rules and quirks. It’s a work in progress!

My url address is still thehonestherb.wordpress, even though the name is different. And it is not an easy process to change the site address without totally starting from scratch first. Eeek! So there it stands.

So the blog will henceforth be known as “The Buttercup Lamb”, a name that is (so far) unique to the blogging world.

This new name holds special meaning for me. “Lamb” is the meaning of my name, Rachel. “Buttercup” is one of my favorite flowers as well as an old nickname of high-school days.

I wanted it to fit the tone and content of my blog as well. A lamb is associated with gentleness, peacefulness and a quiet way. Buttercups are pretty and their sunny color is uplifting. Both words speak to natural living, which I love to blog about.

And that’s that! Hope it clears up any questions you might have. Thanks for reading!