Now Live: Haiku About Savoring the Moment


One day I was walking around in the grocery store, kids in tow. Minding my own business, presiding over the madness that is kids+shopping, when someone says to me…..

Enjoy these days. They go by so fast!

This is followed by a surge of emotion that I feel broadcast itself all over my face. A mash up of confusion with perhaps a trifle of annoyance mixed in.

No really! Enjoy your kids while they are little! My kids are grown up and I miss that.”

Ok sure. You let me know how to enjoy the madness, how to be fully present through all the necessary things, how to properly balance work and play. I know I need to enjoy my kids.

But like anything else, I ask myself, “How do I even know I am doing it right?”.


Because why would someone give that kind of advice if they themselves had no regrets, no reason to want to fully live in the moment during the days when they too had young children like me?

I may not know (even nearly) everything. But I have learned a little in the sixish years I’ve been called mama to my dear ones.

I’ve learned that I can’t slow down time. I can’t put off all my chores, stop fixing food, stop the hum drum.

But I can manipulate the speed, the frequency of some things. And in so doing, carve out segments to treasure the everyday and to cherish my kids.

I hope you enjoy this set of 3 haiku I’ve written. Here I’ve combined my thoughts on balancing motherhood while reaching out for the patience, grace and mental fortitude that this awesome responsibility requires.


Now Live

Take it as it lasts,
Don’t wish that time would hurry on
Take it as it is.

Take it as it lasts,
But don’t lament its passing.
Take it as it is.

Take it as it lasts,
Live in the present, or try.
Take it as it is.


5 thoughts on “Now Live: Haiku About Savoring the Moment”

  1. I really like this, Rachel! People miss what is no longer. I think there is a scientific word for our memories, for nostalgia, that kinda blur the harder parts. Not having little ones of my own, take my thought with a grain of salt. From what I observed, it’s not the chaos people miss, but the good memories, the family unit being in all one place. That is always precious. I pray you keep having those memories and moments to soak in the good ❤ 🙂

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    1. Thank-you T.R. ☺ I would say yes the happier times can cover the more difficult times in a way. But sometimes the craziness just morphs into funny stories that you laugh at later. It is truly a precious time. Challenging but precious!
      Thank-you for your kind thoughts❤

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  2. I can say that I have ever talked to a parent that thought they got it right, spent enough time with their kids, were patient enough,, etc, etc. I guess what I am trying to say is when they are little we try to do all we can. When they are older we don’t think we did enough, and wished we had enjoyed it more. But isn’t that true with everything? In the minute we are doing the best we can. We are doing all that is possible 🙂 Then later we always look back and say, I should have, or why didn’t I do this or that. When we should like you so wonderfully put it, take it as it is 🙂

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    1. Thank-you Margaret ☺ True words! Living in the present and just accepting things as they are brings a challenge to parenting…which is in itself a challenge 😜 Hope you guys are doing well 🌼

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