Stella (and Shadow) Incognito


It’s Caturday Saturday! Hope you all are enjoying a nice relaxing day. I know I am am trying to.

We’ve had some changes and busyness in my household due to the new school year and subsequent colds that happen when you have about a million kids 5 and under all mixed in to a little classroom germ factory.

So it’s been a bit less relaxing and a bit more snot taming. But you know. Whatever.

So due to the above mentioned reasons I thought I’d just do a Caturday post this week.

It’s been a few months since I shared anything about Stella or Shadow. So here we go….


What has Stella been up to?

Well, she has been supervising my sewing projects, as long as the kids aren’t about.



Sometimes she visits with Shadow, taunting the fact that she lives the life of luxury. But Shadow knows that outside kitty freedom is awesome. Life may not be as easy but at least he’s living a life of risk and intrigue!



Shadow has been doing very well. He survived the winter and is as fat and happy as ever. Very loving and friendly, that one.

Here he is with his “prize” last winter. So far he and Stella are 2-2 with the mouse catching. He has probably caught way more though. Sorry Stella.


The kitties have been hanging about the shadows of this blog but I like to talk about them every now and again. Who doesn’t love seeing cute kitties right?

Next week on the blog I hope to do some new posts…dessert and books! Can never have too much of either.

Well…one might give you diabetes. But you know. Viva la vida.

Haha jk.


9 thoughts on “Stella (and Shadow) Incognito”

    1. Thank-you Jenna! I’m glad someone can sympathize with me 😉 Kids can be sick a lot but I’ve heard it lessens as they get older..thank-goodness! I enjoyed your post today as we’ll. An excellent reminder to be gentle with ourselves in moments of stress 🌼

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    1. Thanks much Grace! The kids are doing better but now I have it..ah well it’s to be expected, right?
      I’m planning on doing a dessert recipe and then books later in the week. Good combination for sure!
      It’s good to see you back on WordPress! I need to catch up on your posts ☺

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh! Isn’t that always the way? If you already didn’t suffer enough with the sleepless nights and the cranky kids, now you have to feel crappy when everyone else is better. I hope it isn’t long lasting for you though. Thanks! I have a lot of catching up to do myself lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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