Poetry in (E)motion



Hello my lovely readers & happy Saturday to you!

Today isn’t my typical day to post but I’ve been in a canning flurry lately. The garden and produce stands are booming! Gotta take advantage of it 😉

You guys seem to love the poems I share so I thought I’d share a recent one. It’s hot off the press haha just scribbled it down last night.

This poem expresses a lot of what I’ve been feeling lately as a mother and just as a woman in general. In this I’ve folded in several topics. Work ethic, time, serving others and confidence are the themes here.

In spite of the business of life, I am content and I am happy just being me.


Sugar and Bliss





Spin dear spider

Spin sure

And tell me how

You spin

And never tire

Never cross

Your eyes.


Be aware of the lies.




Run, run


Little mouse.

Chase your tail.

Hurry, scurry.

How can you


Without the hum

The tick and the tock

Of a runaway



Run, telling clock. Away.





Oh do


Sweet little


Warble and tweet

Hop on those


Fill the air

With your sweetness.

Give back

And take less.

Such a song you sing


A song of love.




Dream big

Little butterfly.


In beauty




Life is worth living

It’s worth living now.

Trust your wings

To take you

Where you need

To go.

Don’t answer to



Trust your wings.


This poem is my own. All photos are from pixabay. 



9 thoughts on “Poetry in (E)motion”

    1. Thank-you! I’ve seen so many butterflies lately…I love to write about them ☺ Dickinson is an interesting poet but I’ve always considered her work a bit dark. But maybe I haven’t read the right poems. Good to hear from you T.R. ☺

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      1. I own her complete works. She has a lot of light poems as well 🙂 though now as I go through her works…I totally see what you mean!

        Written in 1890,
        God made a little Gentian
        It tried to be a rose
        And failed and all the Summer laughed
        But just before the Snows
        There rose a purple creature
        that ravished all the hill
        and Summer hid her forehead
        and mockery was still.
        The frosts were her condition
        The Tyrian would not come
        Until the North invoke it
        Creator, shall I bloom?

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      2. I know she struggled with some things in her life, possibly with mental illness. Not to say that anyone with mental illness can’t be a great poet or artist and general, I’ve just wondered if it didn’t flavor her work in some way. There seems to be an absence of hope in some of her works, but I can see why others like her work. She does have talent just not particularly my cup of tea.

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