So When Will I Get Better? {a new way to look at recovery- from the blog 1000 Ways To Be Fearless}


Have you ever had someone ask you, “So, are you better now?” It’s a well-meaning question, but it is one that is sadly a misinterpretation of just how mental illness works.

But in all fairness, I have asked myself the same question.

“When will I get better?”

It isn’t an easy question to ask, because I already know the answer.

“People tend to think that recovery is one upward trajectory. You go through a bad time, you get better, then you’re back to your normal self. Unfortunately, the complexity of human emotion and experience doesn’t quite fit into such a pattern.”

-Ruth, 1000 Ways To Be Fearless

from: A Talk: Recovery Isn’t Linear-A New Way of Viewing Recovery from a Mental Illness.

But what I’ve come to see…is that I’m not a failure for struggling with mental illness. It doesn’t make me a bad person. It doesn’t mean that day is shot. Worthless. Over.


Recovery from a mental illness is not carefully constructed. It can’t be controlled or planned.


It just is. It might be a bit messy, but that’s life, and life is messy

I want to invite you to check out this post from Ruth, of the blog 1000 Ways To Be Fearless. Her blog has been a wonderful tool in my own journey towards recovery. 

In her post she shares a speech she made at an event for the NHS (National Health Service in England). I thought what she had to say about recovery was beautiful, relatable and so, so true.

I really enjoyed this post of hers and I think that you will too ☺

A Talk: Recovery Isn’t Linear-A New Way of Viewing Recovery From a Mental Illness


6 thoughts on “So When Will I Get Better? {a new way to look at recovery- from the blog 1000 Ways To Be Fearless}”

  1. Big hugs Rachel :):) I know the feeling of feeling worthless, and all the whys. Why am I this way, why does this happen to me, why can’t I just function like a normal person. Why, why, why hahaha. But you are so right, we are not failures, we are survivors. We are God’s Beloved children, and we will survive :):) Thank you as always for being so open, and sharing. It helps so many people. I was tagged to do a bloggers support bloggers, its for blogger you love, you don’t have to do anything but you are on my list of bloggers I love :):) LORD, thank You for continuing to bless Rachel :):)

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    1. Thank-you for your sweet words Margaret 🙂 Yes as long as He’s with us (which he is, even when I forget), and we allow ourselves to trust in His strength and love (which He is still teaching me), we are held and we can make it through while holding His loving hand.

      Thank-you for including me in the post! Yes it is 100% ok, thank-you 🙂 God bless you!

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