The Debilitating Nature of Depression {part 1 in a series of poems}


Today I would like to open up and talk a little about a topic I don’t normally discuss here on the blog.

Mental illness.


Because May is Mental Health Awareness month, I wanted to devote a few posts to the topic.

So many people have had good things to say and share about the topic. Here on WordPress, Facebook and other places on the world wide web.

I admire their courage. I admire their strength.

It takes courage to live with mental illness, but just about as much to share that you struggle with it.



Today I would like to shed some light on the mental illness that is depression.

More specifically, I have sought to describe how depression can both make a person feel like time is standing still and yet going on forever. You can feel stuck. In life, in your day, in a moment.

If you are one of the many who struggle with depression, I hope that this poem can be an encouragement to you and a gentle reminder to get back to the you that you know.

Depression is a real struggle. There is hope. You are not alone.



You Can’t Stay In Forever

You can’t stay in forever

If ever,

You know.

You can’t fight the pace

That’s slowing

You down.


Is never

a’ changin’.

And change

Oh change



I crave forever

When I’m feeling


But forever

Is heavy.

Forever’s a trap.

Don’t let

“I’m never changing ever”

Spin you out of



Bring you back.



This poem is my own.

All pictures are from pixabay. Photo 1 and 2 are my design.

8 thoughts on “The Debilitating Nature of Depression {part 1 in a series of poems}”

  1. :):):) “I’m never changing ever” is what almost sank me Rachel. I remember pleading with God, why He would leave me here to be miserable, in the deep, dark, pit oof despair I lived in, and would I ever be happy before I die? I realize now that God didn’t want me miserable. But I wasn’t listening to Him then. Thank you for sharing your poem. You’ve helped more people than you will ever know. God, thank You for continuing to bless Rachel :):)

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    1. Thank-you Margaret ☺ This isn’t the easiest topic to share about, but it is an important issue. Depression does hit hard and it’s difficult to see past it sometimes. He does indeed want the best for us & He is so willing to give us the hope we crave. Thank-you for sharing your story Margaret ☺☺

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      1. I would share more but I tried that last year, and wrote a few blog posts. Well, you’ve heard the saying “talk something up” and that’s just what I did. So, I’ll let that sleeping dog lie :):) I am happy though that you shared because it helps people to know, that they are not the only one :):)


      2. Yes I remember your post about anxiety. I don’t remember reading any others (maybe I missed them? I need to go back and look) but I do think that anything we share, whether it’s just a one-liner, like “hey I struggle with this” or a longer post..either way it helps people.

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      3. I tried to write it as a “character” to protect the innocent hahaha. I didn’t want family reading and feeling, well you know, thrown out there. I was able to get about 3 of them out, and the walls caved in, so to speak. :):) I’m pretty sure if you use the search tool on my blog page for “Elsie” they will come up. I agree it does help others. Thats why I am happy you and others are able to write about it :):)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ah I see 🙂 I can understand why you stopped writing them. Mental health is just really hard to write about and it sounds like it was triggering for you. But sharing your struggle shows people that hey its ok to have bumps in the road. I still stand by my comment on your post that it takes courage to share 🙂 God bless Margaret 🙂

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