Welcome Home, You


I have the best welcome home kitty in the world. Shadow is always so good at being right there by my car door whenever I come home. Last month I came home and the kids had fallen asleep in the car, as they usually do. It was just me and Shadow and the sunshine was beautiful.


He is so good at being welcoming. I think its probably 80% he wants fed and 20% happy to see me…but I’ll take what I can get!

The poor guy has been out in the cold lately. Really wish I could let him in but he has fleas and such so I (ok yes it was mostly my husband, with a bit of prodding) just made him a little box, and then insulated it as best I could with newspaper.

His little “house” needs a bit of straw to make it nice but at least he has a spot to block the wind. I’m not sure if he’s using it or not but maybe he will get the hint eventually. Cats are funny about new things.

Shadow (or Begheera as my husband calls him) has a very thick coat of fur so I know he’s warmer than I think he is. Still, I feel bad for animals that are out in the cold like that 😦

There are a lot of cats around here though. They all stay outside so they’ve all made it through the cold winters somehow. I expect they have their little nooks where they like to stay and sleep sheltered from the weather πŸ™‚

Do you have any furry friends to welcome you home? How do you keep them warm in the winter (if they stay outside)?


4 thoughts on “Welcome Home, You”

  1. Our animals are definitely indoors at night. You can get flea medicine and that will solve that issue. If that isn’t going to happen, you could take a plastic tub with a lid, turn upside down and cut a hole in it for a door. Put old towels or blankets. Put it up high enough from the wet ground when it rains and in a sheltered area. They will be fine. Dogs with thin coasts SHOULD NOT be out. That makes me crazy. We have even made the chicken coop super cozy and sealed even though we only get down to 30 degrees at night in Northern California.

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  2. I very much wish that I could bring our outside kitty indoors at night. And I would if we had a garage..when I was growing up that was where our outside cat spent time indoors when she wanted a break from outside. My husband is a great guy but doesn’t..really doesn’t want another cat inside. We’ve had bad issues with fleas and worms in the past and heaven help us if we go through that again. Shadow does have a box we made from an old plasic tub with a lid. I feel for all the animals that are out in the cold but God made them with the ability and smarts to weather the winter. It’s our job to care for those animals and help them out as best we can πŸ™‚

    Thank-you for the suggestions Kate πŸ™‚ I know you have a lot of animals that you care for…30 can be cold if you’ve had hot weather for a lot of the year. But I think the chickens will be a ok, especially with an insulated house.


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