Eater of tape and other things…

**11/26/17-This post has been edited. I was super busy cooking a Thanksgiving dinner (yesterday) and that contributed to the quality of the post. So here is the edited version 🙂


I like boxes,

I like tape.

Lick, raspy lick.

Crinkle, crackle crink

In the middle of 

The night.


Stella has this lovely habit of eating random things at night. Not completely random, I suppose. Said thing must be box-like, or tape-like, or string-like for her to be interested.


I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m shocked you would even think such a thing of me.
  • Licking boxes=fun!
  • Chewing tape=super fun!
  • Eating a long peice of string and freaking me out=the best!

I do not know. Why she does it. It’s not like we have tons of boxes lying around. But if she finds one and fancies she needs fed or fresh water…she will definitely let me know. This is one of her quirks. I still love her for it.

But I wish she wouldn’t do it at night. Ah well. Who needs sleep anyway? (Says the tired Mom, who dearly loves her sleep.)

I still love you Stella, in spite of your quirks 😊❤🐱

Happy Caturday!


5 thoughts on “Eater of tape and other things…”

  1. My cat use to love tape and staple. Yep Rachel, staples. After one evening of binge eating tape, I guess some got stuck in his throat so guess what came next? Hours and hours of regurgitation. UGHHH. Then a few hours after he was better, I was wrapping Christmas presents, he jumps up, snags some tape, and what? Start hacking all over again LOL.

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    1. Oh my 😦 That sounds like such a headache and a big mess. Staples seems odd…some cats like shiny things haha. My neighbor’s cat likes to eat tinsel. Why tape lol?? Perhaps we’ll never know..

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