A Small Furry Usurper Attempts to Overthrow King Shadow Kitty


Caturday has returned! Last week I didn’t do a post for a number of reasons. Mostly because 1) I was tired of it and 2) the stories were getting super boring…which is why I was tired of it.

So I’ve decided to do a Caturday post I hope at least once a month. Provided I can come up with interesting stories. Because let’s face it, it’s not the cats faults that they are sometimes (ok a lot of the time) boring. They are cats. Cats like routine.



Found this guy/girl (lets just settle for the male gender for clarity) in the backyard trying to sneak some cat food. Mostly just annoyed Shadow. Because lets face it pal, my cat can take you 😜 He had a brief spat with Shadow and then lurked around.


Watching. Waiting.



I was able to get gradually closer, hoping I would be able to pet him. But no luck. He was more interested in Shadow’s food. Sorry kitty it’s food for one, sadly I can’t feed the whole neighborhood.

Yes I see you!

After this picture was taken, he decided to run into the cornfield and I didn’t see him again.

But right after that another cat approached from the opposite direction. I saw him from inside and chased him off. Seriously! Scram! Haha. I do love cats but there are a lot of cats around these here parts (haha) and I’m totally not feeding them all or the husband would put his foot down. And we’d have to eat rice and beans. And the kids would not have that. Because I cannot get them to like either.

What kind of frugal mom am I anyway? The kind who keeps away stray cats, bar one so her kids and husband aren’t forced to eat unsavory food I suppose.

What about you? Any issues with small furry usurpers? How do you keep them away?



5 thoughts on “A Small Furry Usurper Attempts to Overthrow King Shadow Kitty”

  1. I don’t blame you about not posting the same thing weekly, it can get tiring, repetitive, and it is boring when we feel stuck as a writer. (which is why I gave up my weekly prompts on my other blog) But this definitely was some excitement. I had issues with squirrels and my bird feeders when I lived in Florida. I can’t have a feeder out where I live now, but if I did…I might have attracted another squirrel or more, so it’s probably best I can’t do it.

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    1. For real. Yes. I like Caturday but I’ve not been finding joy in it when I post weekly. Arg people (that don’t blog) think blogging is’s not! Squirrels crack me up. Always stealing the bird’s food. They seem to enjoy causing mischief…I’ve heard about a few ways to deter them from eating bird food. Like a greased pvc pipe, if the bird feeder was on a post in the ground Was there any method you tried that helped keep them away?

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      1. Lol well I would open the window, dare them to get close to the feeder and then I would squirt them with a water bottle lol!!! But leaving a bit of bird seed on the ground also stopped them from crawling up and scaring the birds.

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