healing instinct

I loved reading this post by bam, of the blog pull up a chair. I found her blog after reading her book Motherprayer: Lessons in Loving. Her thoughts on the troubling current events in the US and the world as a whole resonate with me deeply. It’s hard to make head or tail of the difficult things in this world. The world can seem dark, but it doesn’t have to be. There is goodness, and it begins with us. Take a look at her post 🙂

pull up a chair

healing instinct the steam tent: steaming hot water + peppermint essential oil + not-so-raggedy towel = deep breathe

if you listen to the news, and i do, if you read the news, and i do, it is hard not feel this old globe is a raw wound right now, gashed with despair, pocked with pure evil.

i am haunted, especially, by a story i read of the atrocities that rained down on rohingya women and mothers and children. babies ripped from their mothers’ arms. babies tossed into infernos. worse and worse and worse. i can barely stand to spread the poison. (it’s here, from yesterday’s new york times, written by jeffrey gettleman, a kid from the town next door, who grew up to win the pulitzer prize for international reporting.)

i am haunted too by the ghostly images coming from northern california. charred silhouettes. hillsides exposed, stubbled with blackened bits…

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2 thoughts on “healing instinct”

  1. thank you so much for the blessing of sharing my humble little thoughts. sooo good to know that scattered across the world there are those of us trying to reach for and seed the light.

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    1. You are very welcome! I love reading your posts. This one really spoke to me 🙂 The darkness can feel overwhelming at times but many many of us are reaching for the light and trying to be light in this dark world too.

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