Furry Visitor Update


The kitty has a name. She has been named Shadow. She is doing well and seems to look a bit happier since we’ve been loving on her and giving her food.

I found which neighbor she belongs to.* I think they feed her, they feed all the cats but there is a situation in which the neighbor has age-related memory issues. So in spite of good intentions maybe the cat(s) are not fed as regurally as they should be.

It makes me a bit upset, especially since I know there is at least one other adult that definitely does not have memory issues living there (I believe). It’s a bit of a strange situation. And they have quite a few animals that I worry over, especially during the winter-time. Urg. Been waiting a long time to say that!

Shadow sat on my lap last night out by the garden. She was quite insistent on sitting there so I let her. She is very sweet and appreciative of the care we’ve given her.

Next time I think I’ll write a bit about Stella. Don’t be jealous Stella. I love you.


*Update to the update: I’ve learned that I do in fact not know who the kitty belongs to. I haven’t seen her around before until these past few weeks. So it was premature of me to assume that Shadow was suffering from a lack of care. Talked with the neighbor I thought she belonged to. She owns a smaller cat with a  similar markings but not Shadow. So her origin is still a mystery. Sorry neighbor for wrongly assuming things! First impressions and all that. People are often much nicer than I imagine them to be. One day maybe that lesson will stick 🙂

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