A Furry Visitor


Yesterday we all rolled out of the house in our usual morning routine. But this morning we were not greeted with the quiet hush that blankets all of our early mornings. This morning as we stepped out the door we heard the pitful sound of a kitty stuck in a trap. A kitty who very much wanted out.

She was not harmed at all. We set the traps to deter raccoons and possoms and anything else that sees fit to rifle through the garden or our trash cans.

I didn’t have time to let her out just then. When I got home, I opened the cage and expected her to run for her life. But she didn’t. And she looked so piteous that I fed her some cat food.

And now apparently she is set to stick around forever.

My husband is slightly appalled at me for feeding it. But he knows I can’t help it. I felt sorry for the poor thing.


Not entirely sure who she belongs to but there are a lot of feral cats in our neighborhood. Their owners don’t seem to care about them very much…to my great dismay. Why have a pet if you won’t love it and care for it?

So I’m just enjoying having her around. She’s not allowed in of course. Stella wouldn’t have it. She hissed like crazy when I opened the door a crack.

Growing up we had a big black tomcat that was “our” cat. We called him Midnight and this cat kinda reminds me of him. Very friendly but a bit nervous. I’ll have to find out which neighbor is her owner and what her name is. I’ll keep you updated!


5 thoughts on “A Furry Visitor”

  1. We currently have the same thing going on in our backyard, and she’s not eve afraid of our ferocious Maltese! It’s a beautiful Himalayan and it’s been marked as a feral cat. It’s attached to my neighbor. I guess they chose their homes. I’d just prefer it not be in my yard. But I’ve not called it in as they’ll only cage it and release it again.

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