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Toddler Favorite Reads: Year 3


Ah me how time flies. One minute I’m collecting board books to read to my babbling baby boy. The next he’s ready to waltz off to preschool.

I wave people off when they tell me those oft repeated words…

“They grow up so fast.”

But it’s true. So desperately true. And here I am, thinking of year 3. The last year before school. The year that ended only recently. The little yellow brick road of sunshine (ok there were tears and frustrations too) that comes to a halt oh so soon.

Preschool. Can you believe it?

I find it hard to believe still. Ooh boy. If you have any tips on the toddler to preschool transition, I’m all ears!

Moving on.

Here are my son J’s favorite books from year 3. Most he still asks for today 🙂


1. My Peekaboo Fun: Shapes, Colors and Opposites, by YoYo Books

This one is a lot of fun. There are lots of flaps to look behind. The adult reads the question on each page and the answer is found under the flap.

-This one was given to us.



2. Scuffy the Tugboat (Little Golden Book), by Gertrude Crampton

A true classic. This one is such a good one for little boys who love to go out adventuring. The artwork is lovely and the text not so long as to completely lose my son’s interest. Scuffy is an ambitious little tug boat who discovers where he is truly meant to be.

-One of my relatives found this book for cheap at an Antique Mall.

3. Truck Stop, by Anne Rockwell

Truck Stop is all about the comings and goings of a family owned truck stop “right beside the main highway heading north and south”. It goes through the motions of morning routine and describes the personalities and vehicles of all the regulars. And there is a mystery to be solved…where is Green Gus?

J loves this book because of the trucks (of course) but also because of the emphasis on the mom-dad-son relationship that I think makes J feel special.

-Free from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

4. Max and the Tag-Along Moon, by Floyd Cooper

Here is one of J’s favorite bedtime books. He loooovves his Grandpa and this book helps him shift his focus from missing Grandpa to seeing the moon as a symbol of Grandpa’s love and drawing comfort from its constancy.

-Also free from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.


5. Shark Attack! (DC Super Friends), by Billy Wrecks

Batman and sharks. Need I say more? We are currently in the midst of a superhero craze. And honestly who doesn’t love Batman? The storyline moves fast yet is simple enough for J to follow. Suspenseful and fun.

-A library book.


6. The Wild West (Disney Pixar Toy Story)

This one was difficult to find a link for. I bought it at Dollar Tree. But there are a few listed on eBay currently. My kids go crazy for this book and as you can see it is well loved.

This book is based on a scene from the Toy Story movie #3 (I think). A very fast paced adventure. Can Woody and Jesse outsmart One-Eyed Bart? Who will save the orphans? And how will they escape the army of monkeys so they can defeat the Evil Dr. Porkchop??


Thus ends my series of favorite toddler books. If you want to check out year 1 and year 2, you can read about those lists here and here.

Happy reading! And at the risk of sounding like one of those annoying older moms…hold onto those babies. They do grow up so fast 😢


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