The Great Outdoors

Butterfly Hospitality


“A power of butterfly must be
The aptitude to fly,
Meadows of majesty concedes
And easy sweeps of sky.”

from My Cocoon Tightens, Colors Tease, by Emily Dickinson       

If it’s 3 things I’ve learned about doing fun activities with my young brood, it’s this:

  1. Keep it short.
  2. Keep it fun.
  3. And keep it free (or almost free).

Earlier this week we decided to take part in a free local activity which was…

Visiting a butterfly garden!

We had a blast.

And we weren’t there for long. Which is important, because little ones have short, oh so short attention spans. And I’ll be honest, I thought my 4-year-old might not understand how to be gentle with the butterflies. But he suprised me and did very well.

The lady who hosted the event was able to teach my kids a little about butterflies which was neat.

They got to hear…

  • That butterflies are different than wasps or bees because they can’t sting or bite you.
  • That butterflies are at the bottom of the food chain. Lots of creatures including many types of birds eat butterflies.

So many butterflies just chilling out and flying all around. Some magic was infused into the atmosphere. Not really, you know. But it felt that way.

The garden was a screened in structure with potted and hanging flowering plants inside.
Visitors had the opportunity to feed the butterflies with a q-tip dipped in watermelon juice.


Monarch butterfly on purple coneflower.
Buckeye butterfly.
Mourning Cloak butterfly on pink yarrow flowers.
Unsure of what she thinks of these gentle winged creatures.

(Attempts to photograph my son were met with reluctance/cropped/blurry photos haha.)

I loved learning about the butterflies. I grabbed a handout while I was there. It listed the different kinds of butterflies common in our area as well as the types of plants butterflies like most.

I can hardly wait till my own garden blooms so the butterflies can come around more often 🙂 🌸


Photo credit: cover photo, second, third and fifth photos were taken by a family member. Design of the cover photo is my own.

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