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TheCramm Award


I recently had the pleasure of receiving a nomination for TheCramm award by my friend T.R. Noble, of the Inside Cup blog. Yay! These blogging awards can be fun. I love seeing how it connects the blogging community together.

TheCramm award is somewhat mysterious as to its origins. But so far we’ve all agreed it was created by Liv, of TheCramm. Interesting site but not positive as to its exact connection to the award. Apparently no one knows (as far as I can see anyway). Ah well. Moving on.


The rules for the award are to answer the questions:

-3 things that motivate you to blog.

-3 people that motivate you to blog

-1 thing to improve the world

-Then you finish by answering the question of the blogger who nominated you, nominating a few other fellow bloggers (if you wish) and asking them a question of your own.


Here are my answers.

Three things that motivate me to blog

  1. Motherhood, in a way, motivates me. Chatting about parenting, concerns that we all share as mothers…I will never run out of material to work with haha.
  2. Self-motivation. I began this blog in 2014 as a means to see what would happen if I jumped in and started blogging. So in a way this blog is a promise to myself. Sticking to a task isn’t super easy for me so blogging here helps keep me patient, consistent and on task.
  3. Chocolate. Chocolate motivates me to blog. I’m currently hooked on the bars of 70% dark chocolate from Aldi.


Three people that motivate me to blog

  1. The ladies from my church who have encouraged me from my early blog days and continue to do so. There have been times when I’ve grown discouraged but I’m thankful for them!
  2. My good friend T.R. from Inside Cup! She has also been so encouraging 🙂 In life there are always trials, even when it comes to blogging and I’m thankful for her support and encouragement (here on the blog and in person too!)
  3. God. This post, this blog, my life would not be complete without Him. He gives me words to say. Light to shine. Love to give even though I don’t deserve it.


One thing to improve the world? 

Responsible trash disposal. Pretty much the first thing that popped into my head. I’m not the type to scold people in public. Littering is just a minor irritation I have. Go green and make the world a better place for everyone by taking care of your trash. Even just putting an empty gum wrapper into your pocket is something.


T.R.’s question was:

“What was a time in your life in which something happened, and you wish it would have went better than it did? Would you change this moment now if you had the chance?” 

There are a lot. A lot of things come to mind here. One major occurance goes like this. I was young, 19. I had graduated from high school, worked for a year. When it came time to choose a college, I went with the closest Christian University. I did not pray enough. I did not think to ponder or to seek what God wanted. And I found out in so many ways that that college was not a good fit. Oh so not. I came home, defeated, broken. But God, when I finally opened my heart to Him, helped me up. And you know, right about that time my future husband and I started dating.


So would I do it over? I don’t know. That’s a hard question. I guess my answer right now would be “no”. Because who’s to say if I would have ended up happily married, as I am today? I treasure that blessing and to have it taken away even if it meant sparing myself temporary disappointment and difficulty? No. I do not want that. Thank-you Lord, for turning difficult moments into things of beauty❤


My nominations for The Cramm award I’m leaving open. See this post and want to accept the award? Go for it! If you do, here is my question:

If you had to pick a day in your life to live over again, exactly as it was, which would you pick?


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