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My {Simple} Coconut Rose Facial Routine


Note: I’ve received no compensation for my thoughts on these products. I just enjoy using them ☺

For about a year, I have been using a skin care regimen that I love. It is easy, cheap and smells divine. It lacks harmful chemicals and the cleanser I use adds $ to a local small business. It is also versatile because it can be used every season of the year.

So what is it? Very simple. Unscented goats milk soap, rose hydrosol and coconut oil. I will discuss all of these below and finish with a description of my facial routine.

#1: Goats Milk Soap {Cleanser}

The first product I use is unscented goats milk soap. You can check out the one I use here. I’ve been using soap from this company for about 2 years and I love it. They use fresh, raw goats milk directly from their farm. Really cool.

What’s so good about goats milk? It has naturally occurring capric-caprylic triglycerides. This is a fancy pants term for “good fat”. It also has a pH that helps keep the soap balanced and not too harsh for your skin. A soaper friend shared this with me when she introduced me to goats milk soap.

This bar of soap lasts me a long time. I think I buy maybe 2 bars a year, if that.

#2: Rose Hydrosol {Refresher}

Product numero dos is my organic rose hydrosol (also called rose water). You can read a bit about it here, on the Plant Therapy website. In a nutshell, a hydrosol is scented water.

Hydrosol is is the “leftovers” of the distillation process. While it is not as potent as the essential oil, it still retains some of the scent and therapeutic properties associated with the essential oil.

The rose hydrosol that I use (Rosa damascene or Damask Rose) is helpful for some skin issues, such as dry skin, eczema and wrinkles. For emotional issues it works to bring balance and feelings of well-being. Something to think about next time you smell a velvety beautiful rose.


Check out any deals that PT has to offer so you won’t have to pay full price. I wait for a good one until I purchase a new bottle.

#3: Coconut Oil {Moisturizer}

I use the organic brand from Aldi. It is unrefined and cold pressed. Coconut oil is good, cheap and useful for many things. I use it for my face, for popping homemade popcorn, for greasing my pans and for making salves.

Coconut oil is one among many oils that can be used as a facial moisturizer. I’ve tried a few different types but this one works the best for me thus far.

This is my face on a very good day. Probably because I was nursing and forced to eat healthy & be super hydrated!

Now that my hormones have leveled a bit and the seasons are changing my skin is becoming less dry. So I’m wondering after reading this, if coconut oil is really the best choice for my face right now. This nifty list is a good resource to help you choose the best non-comedogenic oil for your skin type. I’m thinking about trying argan oil. I will let you know how it goes!


The steps are very simple. Wet face. Lather and rinse. Exfoliation optional. Dry. Here I go to the fridge and take out my rose hydrosol and spritz some on. Let my face dry a bit. Make sure my hair is tied up, then I rub in some coconut oil on my face and neck. Finito.

Occasionally I will use some witch hazel on a cotton ball to get rid of any residual soap.

I wash my face at least once a day. Two times if its warmer out or if I’ve worn makeup that day.

And that’s it. Very easy. Smells so good. And cheap.

How cheap? For one year, I calculated that it costs me about $1.89 a month. When I was buying stuff from Wal-Mart I was paying something like $15 every month. $15 for stuff that wasn’t doing me a lot of favors. I love it when things are cheap, good and most importantly work well.



The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: The Complete Guide to the Use of Aromatic Oils in Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Health and Well-Being (2013) by Julia Lawless

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